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Bhutan will have a Climate Action Summit

Feb 21, 2020

Coinciding with the 40th Birthday of His Majesty The King, the Snowman Race Secretariat announced that Bhutan will have a Climate Action Summit following the five-day Snowman Race in October this year.

The Summit is focused on garnering commitment at the highest level for climate action from the business communities of the Asia region in a Summit Declaration.

The Climate Action Summit seeks to garner pledges from the business leaders and multinational companies in the Asia region to reduce their carbon emissions and to contribute to climate actions and initiatives. The Summit also intends to institute the first-ever award from Bhutan for business leaders in the region who commit to remain Carbon Neutral.

The one and a half day Climate Action Summit focused on carbon neutrality will happen following the five-day Snowman Race which will take place from 13th to 17th October this year.

20 international athletes and five Bhutanese runners will be taking part in the Snowman Race. The Snowman Race, envisioned by His Majesty The King following His Majesty’s numerous treks to Lunana seeks to bring the world’s attention to climate change and its impacts particularly on the lives of people living in the fragile mountain ecosystems.


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