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Celebrating Monpa culture

Dec 12, 2019

Considered as the primitive inhabitants of the country, the indigenous Monpa community of Jangbi chiwog in Trongsa celebrated their first-ever Monpa Festival yesterday. The festival is to promote and preserve the rich local culture and tradition of the community.

The Monpas from Jangbi, Phumzur and Wamling showcased all of their unique culture and traditions. Dressed in their local attire woven from the fibres of nettle plants, they performed folk dances and song for the visitors.

The exhibition showcased the life of a Monpa which is now slowly changing with time. And it attracted the attention of visitors, some of whom are seeing this for the first time.

Also to revive the local dress, students of Jangbi Primary School will wear the dress thrice a week to school from next year. Today there are nearly 500 Monpas living here in Trongsa.


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