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Haa to make the 6th Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition unique

Nov 23, 2019

Haa Dzongkhag is preparing to host the 6th Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition in June next year. The preparation is in full swing.

The Haa Dzongkhag Tshogdu held on 20th November, plans on sustaining the beautification and landscape even after the exhibition. The Dzongkhag Beautification Audit for the sustainability of the resources and beautification made during the exhibition was introduced and approved thereon.

“ We are beautifying the Dzongkhag for the exhibition but they are going to be audited on monetary values. For example, if Ugyen Central School takes 100 saplings, it will be recorded against the Principal’s name. So when he hands over the school to a successor, these trees should also be handed over. Otherwise, like audit shortage, they have to pay and plant the flowers or trees,” said KinzangDorji, the Haa Dzongdag.

The Dzongkhag is preparing around 25 sites in Haa town, which extend from Lhakhang Karpo to Kar-tshog bridge for flower exhibition.

The preparation, according to Dzongkhag, is intense because Haa intends to make the exhibition unique and uplift the whole look of the Dzongkhag with complete new landscaping, drainage, roads and water supply.

“We are going to make the exhibition unique. The 6 gewogs, schools, regional offices, and every household in Haa are going to participate in the exhibition.  They will plant flowers, trees and make their surroundings clean and green,” the Dzongdag added.

The ongoing developmental activities and the extreme cold weather might spoil the Dzongkhag’s months of hard work. However, the Dzongkhag expects to complete the preparatory work by March next year and then plant flowers.

The exhibition is also aimed to promote tourism in Haa. During the Dzongkhag Tshogdu, the local leaders also endorsed adoption of a stray dog by each household and imposing of fines for rearing animals in town. This is expected to help keep Haa safe and clean.

The Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition was initiated upon the Royal Command in 2015, with the vision of fostering beautiful living spaces, community vitality and encourage the growth of vibrant entrepreneurship in floriculture.


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