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Festival Tour

Festival Tours

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1. Thimphu Drubchen and Tshechu

It is one of the biggest festivities celebrated in the capital city, Thimphu for four days from the 10th day of the 8th month of every lunar year. It starts with Lhamoi Drupchen, a rite dedicated to the protecting deity of Bhutan, Pelden Lhamo. Pelden Lhamo as the name translates; Glorious Goddess is the only female dharma protector and one of the three main protecting deities Readmore

2. Paro Tsechu

The show-stopper at the Paro Tsechu is the unfurling of the world’s biggest Thangka of Guru Padmasambhava- a large tapestry of Guru Padmasambhava followed by dance of the Lord of Death (Shingje) and his consort, dance of the black hats (Shanag), dance of the drum (Drametse Ngacham), dance of the eight kind of spirits (De gye mang cham), and other traditional songs and dances. Readmore

3. Bumthang Dup

This expedition starts from the Paro Valley and continue east through the stunning valleys of Thimphu, Punakha, Wangdue, Trongsa and to Bumthang. During the tour you will visit villages, temples, monasteries, markets and attend festivals. You will have good opportunity to interact with the welcoming Bhutanese people and swap western custom with their spiritual life of myth,legend, Readmore

4. Black Necked Crane Festival

Black-necked Crane Festival in central Bhutan. The Monastery sits high above a broad valley overlooking the Phobjika Nature Reserve, which hosts hundreds of wintering Black-necked Cranes. Monks pray for the safe return of the birds, as they are considered Boddhisatvas or “agents of God.” According to legend, the cranes circle the monastery clockwise three times as a sign of their Readmore

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