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About Bhutan

Bhutan: At a glance

Bhutan until very late in the 70’s confined itself into self proclaimed isolation from the outside world taking baby steps in allowing modernization to seep into its development process although global integration should have been more of a natural phenomenon being geographically sandwiched between the two economic powers of the world India and China.

Bhutan opened its doors to the outside world very slowly but surely taking conscious yet correct policies towards integration and tourism alike. Being still tagged as the ultimate tourist destination for being the “mysterious country”, “land of happiness”, “last Shangrila” to name a few in the 21st Century at the least confirm the rightness of the tourism policy of “high value, low volume” initiated by the royal government.

The country as it enters the 21st century as the world’s youngest democracy is further determined to uphold the charm with which Bhutan is known to the outside world, more so to preserve its age old tradition, heritage, and culture in line with its unique development philosophy “Gross National Happiness (GNH)”.

With an area (38,394 just as big as Switzerland and Taiwan, Bhutan is thinly populated with the total population of 672,425. It is the only country in the world where Vajrayana Buddhism is predominantly practiced and permeates in everyday life of every Bhutanese; gigantic dzongs in every district, stupas and monasteries at every mountain hill, and prayer flags fluttering on the hillsides connote the significance of Buddhism in Bhutan. The majority of Bhutanese are homogenous groups divided linguistically into Sharchops, Ngalong, and Lhotshampa.

Quick Facts
Capital Thimphu
Population 672425
Country Size 38,394
Language Dzongkha, english widely spoken
state religion Mahayana Buddhism (Vajrayana form)
Time Zone Six hours ahead of GMT
Currency Ngultrum (Nu) at par with Indian Rupee
Altitude Varies from 590.55ft to 24,770.34ft above sea level
Forest cover 72% (approx.)
Arable agricultural land 7.8%-8%
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