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Farmers in Monggar happy with the increased Hazelnut yield

Jan 1, 2020

Hazelnut growers in Monggar are now experiencing a better yield. According to the farmers, in the last two years, the production increased by over four-fold.

After waiting for more than five years, hazelnut trees in Monggar have started to give better fruiting. And this time, for many, it has been a bumper harvest. People of 16 gewogs in the district are into growing the nut.

“Last year, I harvested only half a kilogram of hazelnuts. But this time, I collected 40 kilograms,” said Tshewang Zangmo, from Phosorong under Monggar Gewog.

“Until 2017, I saw only one or two nuts growing and that too dropped before maturing. But last year, I harvested nine kilograms of hazelnut. A kilogram of it fetched me Nu 30. This year, along with the price, the harvest increased to 36 kilograms,” added Tshewang Zangmo, from Kidekhar under Monggar Gewog.

According to the Mountain Hazelnuts Venture Private Limited, the overall production in the country has increased. This year, the company collected over 24 metric tonnes of hazelnut from 18 districts. This better harvest is attributed to the increase in matured trees and the large-scale grafting programme carried out earlier this year.

“We are more interested in hazelnut cultivation as the company told us that they would increase the price once they get a good return from their investment,” Tshewang Zangmo from Phosorong added.

“We have to spend Nu 500 to 600 as taxi fare when we go to sell vegetables in Monggar town. So whatever price we are fetching now, we feel it is reasonable. After all, they come to our doorstep to buy the nuts,” added Tshewang Zangmo, from Kidekhar.

Many farmers took up mass hazelnut cultivation following the establishment of Mountain Hazelnuts Venture Private Limited in 2009. And to this day, most of them have been expressing resentment on the poor outcome even after 7 to 8 years of plantation.

Currently, there are over 10 thousand households and community groups engaged in hazelnut cultivation.


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